Vision: Be an umbrella Non- Governmental Organization for all concerned in Nature Education and conservation.
Mission: Biodiversity conservation, healthy environment and sustainable utilization of natural resources through education, research and people participation.

MNHS is an independent non-governmental organization engaged in nature education,
research and conservation in   the state of Kerala. Since its inception in 2002 (Reg. No. 929/02 under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860), the society has been putting up a committed effort to bring together people from all walks of life with concern for nature. By pursuing various   research activities, the organization attempts to disseminate  scientific

information to the mass on the ecological significances of nature resources   and their conservation. The Society is also keen to support sustainable utilization of natural resources for the welfare of mankind.
The society discharges its functions with the fund generated through membership subscription, the income from its publications, support from government agencies and more significantly from the generous support of nature lovers.


ABOUT OUR LOGO: Malabar Civet (Viverra civettina Blyth)

A common civet in Kerala and Karnataka years ago, but now an endangered and
rarely sighted animal. This animal is a symbol of habitat destruction, hunting and human attitude towards nature. Last authentic report of this animal was from Malappuram district in 1987. Malabar Civet (Viverra civettina Blyth) is included in Schedule – I of Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and this species is listed as a priority species for conservation by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).
Executive Committee

Mr. Sathyan Meppayu


Dr. Muhamed Jafer Palot

Vice President

Mr. Arjun.S

Jt. Secretary

Mr. Bimalanath.KG


Dr. Muhamed Rafeek A.P.M.

DrMr. Dineshan Cheruvat

Dr. K. Kishorekumar

Mr.V. Syam

Dr. T.N. Vijayakumar

Mr. T. Ajithkumar

Dr. Vyjayanthy, M.C.

Dr. K. Fousy

Mr. Muralikrishnan, V.P.

Dr. Rajesh K.P

Mr. Thomas.C.J

Mr. Abdul Riyas K

Mr. Balakrishnan Valappil

Mr. V. Ramakrishnan

Mr. Vijesh Vallikunnu

Mr. Hameedali Vazhakkad

Mrs. Myna Umaiban

Mr. Abhilash RAvindran

Dr. Vineeth Viswanth

Mr. Naveenlal P