MNHS is bringing out a research journal in Natural History christened Malabarica to promote the dissemination of new research findings and informations. The first issue will be published shortly.  Scientific articles are invited to the journal.
Instructions to authors for Manuscript preparation
Articles:  follow a Simple style. Scientific names may be italized.
Authors of Scientific names should be cited in full for the first time only.  If the Sci. names are given in the title; The class/ family of the taxon treated should be given in Brackets. Eg: A new species of Vanda (Orchidacea) from …….
Abstract: not exceeding 150 words
Key words:
Address/es of authors with e-mails
Article types: Research papers in all fields of ecology .
General articles/ Invited articles from senior scientists reviewing the state of the art of the subject / general topic.
Commentary: Views to be shared and discussed.
New species descriptions.  New records/ observations/ notes
  SEND YOUR MANUSCRIPT via postal mail or e-mail to the MNHS Office. Electronic submission is mandatory
I.      General Instructions
#.   All papers shuould be in English.
#.   Manuscripts may be submitted in the following categories, based on these suggested word limits:
Paper:(3000-6000 words), Review (4000-8000 words), Commentary (1000-1500 words)
Short Communication (1000-1200)
#.    Use A4 size paper size (210 x 297 mm). Double space everything, including tables, figure legends, abstract, and literature cited.  
#.     Cite each figure and table in the text. Tables and figures must be numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text.
#.    For units- in metric system using SI units where possible.
#.   Cite only published material or papers accepted for publication;
#.    Literature citations in the text are as follows:
Author (Year), Author & Author (Year), Author et al. (Year), (Author, year)
(Author & Author, Year), (Author et al., Year)
        One author — Rajesh (1992) or (Rajesh, 1992)
#.    Two authors — Rajesh and Pradeep (2002); (Rajesh & Pradeep, 2002)
#.     Three or more authors — Rajesh et al. (1992), but include All authors in the reference cited section.
#.    Assemble manuscripts in this order:
1)     Title page, Abstract, Key words
        Text, Acknowledgments ,Literature cited ,Tables , Appendix  (when applicable), Figure legends (one page) , Figures
2.     Title Page  
#.     Running head lines (use capitals; may not exceed 50 characters)
#.    Below title, include author(s) Name(s), affiliation(s), and complete address(es).
3.     Abstract Page
#. Abstracts should be concise (maximum of 150 words for papers and reviews; no abstract for communication and Commentary).
#.     Provide up to ten key words after the abstracts . Key words in English only.
4.     Text
#.    No heading for Introduction. Main headings are Methods, Results, and Discussion 
#.    Main headings: All caps and Bold. Flush left, one line.
#.     Second level headings: Small caps (or underline), flush left, Capitalize first letter, begin sentence with em-dash, same line.
#.     Use no more than third level headings and only if necessary.
5.     References
Single Author
Last-Name, initials. Year. Title of paper. Journal Abbreviation. Vol: pages.
Multiple Authors
1st auth.Last-Name, initials, 2nd auth.Last-Name, initials, 3rdAuth.Last-name, initials, ……..  Year.
Books: Last-Name, initials. Year. Title of paper. Name of Book. pages. Publisher, City/ Country.
Chapter in books- Last-Name, initials. Year. Title of paper. In: Initials, Last name (Ed/s.). Name of Book. pages. Publisher, City/ Country.
Example: Pandey, H.N.,Tripathi, R.S. & Sankar, U. 1993. Nutrient cycling in in an excessively rainfed subtropical grassland at Cherapunji. Journal of Bioscience 18 (3): 395-406.
#.    cite only articles published or “in press”. “In press” citations must be accepted for publication.
#.    Article in a book...... Example: Ali, S.  1982. Title of book chapter. In: Hall (Ed.). Book title, pp. 24-36. Black Publications, Oxford, England.
6.     Tables: Each table must start on a separate page, double-spaced. The Table number should be in Arabic followed by a period.
7.     Figure Legends: Double-space legends. All legends on one page. Label them in the figure or refer to them by name in the legend.
8.     Preparation of Illustrations or Graphs
#.    Black-and-white or half-tone (photographs), drawings, or graphs are all referred to as “figures.” flaws will not be corrected.
#.     Short Communications (1200-3000 words)
#.     No section headings.
#.     Author(s) address follows literature cited.
1 figure or 1 table only.
Address for communication:
Editor, Malabarica, Malabr Natural History Society, Sherin Buildings, East Nadakkavu P.O., Calicut  673 006, Kerala, India.