Bryophytes of Wayanad in Western Ghats
Authors: Manju.C. Nair, Rajesh. K.P. and P.V. Madhusoodanan
Contributory Price: Rs. 2500/- plus postage
Hard Bound; D1/4 size (A4), i-iv + 284 pages; over 200 colour photographs in 14 plates, 1 Map; over 160 B&W illustrations.
For copies contact : Dr. K.P. Rajesh, Botany Dept.,
Calicut University, Kerala-673 635, Email:

Nature: Observation & Interpretation

(in Malayalam)
Author: Prof. John C. Jacob
A simple book immensely useful to students and naturalists.
It guides for observing and interpreting the nature around us.
Rs. 60/-
  Butterflies of Kerala
(In Malayalam)
Authors: Md Jafer Palot, V.C. Balakrishnan & Babu Kambrath
First of this kind in Malayalam
Covers 138 species
204 colour photographs
With Malayalam, English & Scientific names of butterflies and their
larval food plants.
Rs. 340/-

Mammals of Kerala

(In Malayalam)
Authors: Dineshan Cheruvat, C. Radhakrishnan & Md Jafer Palot
Illustrated by: Sathyan Meppayur
Covers 106 species including marine mammals
Rs. 120/-
  Marine Fungi of Kerala-
A preliminary ecological and floristic study

Authors: Dr. K. Ravindran and Dr. Manimohan
Contributory Price: Rs. 2000/- plus postage.
For copies contact: E-mail: or
Covers 80 species of marine fungi found in the marine waters of Kerala. Appropriate for research students and professionals in the areas of mycology and wetland ecology.